SNAKESPEST CONTROLSnakes are a natural part of singapore’s eco system, and we have many local and beautiful species here.

While snakes might be a rare sight in Singapore, we do boast quite a few native species. These include harmless snakes like the oriental green tree whip snake, and highly venomous species such as the equatorial spitting cobra and the Malayan coral snake, which can deliver a lethal dose of venom.

How to get rid of snakes?

Is you see a snake in an area, it’s often best to leave it alone and give it a wide berth, especially if you’re not sure what kind of snake it is. Most snakes are shy creatures and will often slither off, however, if you find yourself in a position to have to directly deal with a snake, or if you find one in your house, you should never attempt to capture it yourself.

Instead, call ACRES, or a pest control service, and professionals trained to deal with snakes can come down and safely remove the animal from the premises.