About Us

Pestology Pte Ltd, a NEA (National Environment Agency) licensed Pest Control Operator aims to serve clients with quality pest management services by offering a combination of knowledge and skills. Naturally, we treat and manage pests, but our objective is to locate sources, eliminate entry points or nesting sites that may eventually eradicate them or prevent pests from entering.

Over at Pestology, we handle all kinds of pest control work such as but not limited to Termite Control, Rodents Control, Bee hive removal, Ants control, cockroaches extermination and management, removal of snakes and etc.

We are able to provide a FOC on-site pest control survey at your premise. Simply call 6897 3353 today to make an appointment with us!


Pestology’s pest coverage and service protocols help keep your premises’ pest under manageable status or even pest-free, so that you can enjoy a positive experience in your premises.
As the innovation leader, we are continuously improving our service and products to be more comprehensive and sustainable while maintaining Pestology’s high efficacy standards.
To increase visibility across your pest management needs, frequent communication is required. Being proactive keeps your premises and brand intact.
Being a pest management service provider, Pestology can deliver consistent protection, thorough and timely reliable information across your entire operation, so you can be confident that clients received the same service and results.
Pestology, with aim to meet your needs, provides cost effective rates that are good in value and quality, worth at the very least on what is paid for.