BEES PEST CONTROL Bees are small yellow and black flying insects, they are generally harmless and will not attack unless they are provoked or threatened.

Bees usually build hives in forested areas, however, they have been known to occasionally build nests near residential areas. While bees are generally not dangerous, and only attack when provoked, their sting can be painful, and they can pose a danger to young kids who disturb them unknowingly.

Very few people die from bee stings, and most deaths are caused by an allergic reaction to the sting.

How to get rid of Bees?Get the help of professionals.

While bees do not pose a threat unless provoked, it’s understandable that many are uncomfortable with them near their residences. In the case that you do find a bee hive near your home and you would like to have it moved, do get the help of professionals, as moving the hive might aggravate the bees and cause them to attack.

Professionals can often get rid of the bees one of several ways, they can choose to have the nest moved by professionals, or they can choose to exterminate the hive.

It’s also important to get the help of professionals as there are some more aggressive and dangerous insects that can be easily mistaken for bees, these include wasps and hornets. These bee look-a-likes have been known to attack on sight, without any provocation. Their stings have also been known to be extremely painful.