Our Logo


The word PESTOLOGY is a subspecialty of biology and infectology, focusing on the science of pest organisms, infectious disease they spread and the regulation or management of organisms and infectious disease defined as pests.1

On the letters “OLO” infusing with half a human face, symbolizes a human’s touch in our service with our five core values represented by the five circles. (Service Excellence • Comprehensive • Communications • Peace of Mind • Cost Effective)


The typeface is bold in upper case letters to signify PESTOLOGY’s role in safeguarding the environment through providing quality pest management services, equipped with technology and knowledge.


Dark green represents nature. Light green stands for PESTOLOGY’s stability and growth.


Your concern in any pest situation will always be our passion, in short “Your Concern. Our Passion” is encircled by a border that resembles the entire Team of Pestology Pte Ltd.

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