BEETLEPEST CONTROL There are many types of beetles, and while some are completely harmless, others can do serious damage to property, plants and gardens.

Common species in Singapore include wood borer beetles, fabric beetles and grain beetles. While home infestations are not common in Singapore, these beetles can do major damage to trees on properties, and can even do damage to wood fixtures and furniture. Beetle infestations can also destroy certain organic materials like leather, fur, silk and wool.

How to get rid of beetles? Beetle infestations are hard to get rid of, and can persist if not done properly.

While not all beetles do damage, certain beetles that can be found in Singapore can do extensive damage to property and trees. For instance, a wood borer beetle infestation could do serious damage to trees, and while these do not pose much danger if the tree is located in forested areas, they could potentially pose a threat to residents if the infested tree is located on property.

Carpet beetle infestations have also been known to happen in Singapore, these beetles are part of the fabric beetle family, and are known to attack organic fabrics like silk, leather and furs, which can result in some costly damage.

Because of the way that these beetles lay their eggs, it’s often hard to get rid of them without professional help. Professionals will be able to properly root out larvae and eggs, and will be able to apply certain chemicals to stop them from coming back.